Regular Inspection

Fender systems used for large vessel berthing are usually assembled with frontal panels to reduce the hull pressure, they are more complicated in structure than the traditional fenders for general purpose. The fender system will lose its protective function in case the structure was damaged. Therefore regular inspection is compulsory to be carried out for long-term operation safety.

After the fender system is installed and put into service, inspection shall be carried out each time after berthing of the first three ships and then monthly inspections are to be conducted. 


Inspection scope:

1 . Check the foot bolts for fender buffer installation and the bolts for fastening frontal panel. Fasten them enough in case of any loose and then fix the fastening bolt and washer by spot welding.  
2. Check the fender buffer for any break or cut. Please contact our company immediately for any serious damage.
3. Check the frontal panel for any dent, crack or corrosion. If does, please contact our company. Annual anti-corrosion treatment is to be carried out to the frontal panel to avoid rusting.
4. Check the front panel for any inclination. The material accumulation in the inner part of front panel may cause frontal inclination, so the accumulations shall be cleaned as much as possible
5. Check the front panel for any scratching or compression damages, replace the damaged pads in time.
6. Check the concrete structure area where the fender system installed for any crack appearance. If crack exists, contact relevant department immediately for treatment.
7. Check the elastic rubber parts for suspending the front panel to ensure them under proper condition, replace any unpractical one.


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