Quality Control BY Lloyd’s

How we choose raw material and electrical parts for QRH ensure basic performance

  • All thickness steel plates certified by LR class.
  • Hook head and capstan do precision casting ensure strength and dimension.
  • All electrical parts have ATEX Certified and IP65 protected.(we choose ABB motor+WAROM control box+STEUTE foot switch+ Nobel load pin system)

Site Operator opinion for our hook:

  • Safety and simple movement line release
    1. Have a two-step activity by lifting a cover plate to activate the release function. It is a adequately safeguarded against inadvertent operation and causing accidents to operating personnel.
    2. Each hook hook can be manually released at full SWL with effort ≤ 15kgs
  • A simple way to do hook resetting
    One man one simple movement to resetting the hook mechanism.
  • Easy inspection and Maintenance
    All components can be easily accessible for inspection, lubrication, maintenance repair and renewal.
    All pivot/hinge points on the hooks have a M10 Flat nozzle for easy lubrication.

We provide training in the operation and maintenance of the mooring system


  Control Box Inside Test                  Control Box Inside Test                     Hook Reset Test


         MLMS Test                              Motor Inspection                            Reducer Inspection



LR Mark


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24 October 2017
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13 November 2017
The 20th Middle East (Abu Dhabi) International Petroleum Products Exhibition (ADIPEC 2017)

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Useful Materials

  • 125t double mooring hooks
  • Specification and Details
  • Remote Control System
  • Connect Sleeve