Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

The Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) is used for measurement of several environmental data. 

  • Scope
    The environmental monitoring system shall consist of the following components:
    1 No. weather station;
    1 No. current sensor;
    1 No. wave & tide sensor; and
    1 No. sensor mounting frame.
  • Weather Station
    Wind speed & direction;
    Air temperature;
    Air Pressure; and
    Rain fall.
  • Current Sensor
    The current sensor shall be based on the Doppler Shift principle. The sensor shall be installed a minimum of 2.2m from adjacent structures in all directions.

    Criteria Design value
    Current Speed
    Range 0 to 3 [m/s]
    Resolution 0.1 %
    Accuracy ±0.5 [cm/s]
    Current Direction
    Range 0 to 360 º
    Resolution 1 º
    Accuracy ±5 º
    Sensor Range -10 to 43 [ºC]
    Resolution 0.05 [ºC]
    Accuracy ±0.1 [ºC]
  • Wave & Tide Sensor
    The wave & tide sensor provide the following data:
    Wave Amplitudes;
    Wave periods;
    Tide Level;
    Barometric Pressure;
    Water Temperature; and
    Specific Weight of Sea-Water.

    Tide data can be logged in a trend. Wave amplitude and period are presented in histograms.
    Three (3) dedicated transmitters provide the signals for wave and tide analysis.
    The sensors willl be deployed vertically at specific depths depending to suit local tidal conditions and to be approved by the Contractor.

  • Sensor Mounting Frame
    The sensor mounting frame is fabricated from stainless steel SS316. The frame shall incorporate a stainless steel winch and cable for lifting the current sensor and wave & tide sensors to deck level for maintenance activities.
  • Central Computer System
    All EMS data will be transmitted to central computer central computer system located in the Shore Control Centre and running Integrated Mooring System software.

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