Central Monitoring System (CMS)

We will provide a PC running an Integrated Mooring System software package. The RCRS, MLMS, BAS & EMS systems will be modular components within the IMS.

The central computer system is located in the Shore Control Centre and consist of the following components:

  • PC with MS Windows operating system including all necessary hardware to operate the integrated mooring system
  • IMS software installed
  • 24” Flat Screen Monitor ( resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels )
  • Standard Keyboard (US) and Mouse


The IMS software include the following functionality as a minimum and dependent on the inclusion of the BAS and EMS within the scope of works:

  • On screen real time ship approach;
  • Facility to save berth approach coordinates for future replay;
  • Display approach data as a V-s curve ( velocity as a function of the distance );
  • Numerical display of distance for bow and stern;
  • Numerical display of bow and stern speed;
  • Warning-and alarm-levels for approach speed and angle of approach;
  • Graph showing the relative displacements (drift-off from Fenders and Fenders deflection);
  • Graphic mooring schedules showing the ships actual mooring plan;
  • Warning- and alarm-levels for slack-line, high line load limits and high hook load limits;
  • Facility to save all ship specific settings ( alarm-levels and mooring schedules) within a ship database;
  • Actual hook loads displayed both numeric as in dynamic bar graphs;
  • Graphic and textual presentation of hook status;
  • On screen release of one or a pre-selected group of hooks, emergency release in a pre-definable sequence;
  • Hook status history with a [ms] stamped timestamp for all changes in hook-status;
  • Numeric and graphic display of environmental data on the EMS screen;
  • Direction of wind and current are displayed in a wind rose relative to the real north on the jetty; and

Tidal data logged in a trend.

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