Berthing Approach System (BAS)

The Berthing Approach System (BAS) is used for safe berthing of vessels by measuring the distance, speed and angle of the ship’s bow and stern section in relation to the berth fenders and triggers alarms during the final sideways berthing phase.

The BAS comprise the systems to determine a vessels bow and stern approach velocity and display this information on an LED Display, handheld pagers and within the Shore Control Centre.


  • The BAS consist of the following components:
    2 No. lasers
    1 No. large Numeric LED Display
    2 No. handheld Pagers
  • Lasers
    The lasers shall have the following minimum specifications as listed in Table 9.

    Criteria Design value
    Laser Range 0 to 300 [m].
    Measuring Distance Accuracy ± 2 [mm] at 0 – 300 [m]
    Computer Display Distance Resolution ± 1 [mm] at 0 – 300 [m]
    Large Display Distance Resolution ± 0.5 [m] at 0 – 300 [m]
    Velocity Range 0 – 99 [cm/s]
    Measuring Velocity Accuracy ± 0.4 [cm/s]
    Computer Display Velocity Resolution ± 0.1 [cm/s]
    Large Display Velocity Resolution ± 0.5 [cm/s]
    Temperature Range -40 to + 60 degrees Celsius
    Eye Safety Class 1
    Beam Divergence 3.0 mrad
    Laser Classification Class 1 EN60825-1 : 2003-10
    Power Supply 220/110 Vac 50/60 Hz
    IP rating IP66

    The laser housing is a compact cylindrical stainless steel SS316 housing provided with adjustable support.

  • Large Numeric LED Display
    minimum LED digit size is 450 x 280mm and powered digits shall be visible at a minimum distance of 400 meters. The large numeric led display housing is painted stainless steel SS316
  • Handheld Pagers
    The pager system contains a base station transmitter for the handheld pagers. The base station will transmit information, such as distance, speed, and alarms to the handheld pager units.
    The distance and speed measurement update rate will be a maximum of 10 milliseconds.
  • Certification
    All outdoor equipment (except for antenna of pager system) will be ATEX certified for use in Zone 1 Hazardous Areas.
  • Central Computer System
    All BAS data and alarms will be shown on a central computer system located in the Shore Control Centre and running Integrated Mooring System software.


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