FAT test Video


    • Electrical testing
      1) firstly to perform the appearance checking, to ensure there are no any crack, fall off and fault in relation to the anti-explosion cabinet and cable in anti-explosion facilities (include electric motor, cable), and ensure all the connection bolts(pin) and some cable fixed sleeve shall be tightened.
      2) The resistance between electric part and no electric part in electrical facilities shall not be more than 1MΩ(1000v)
      3) the resistance between the whole equipment and the earth shall not be less than 10Ω.


  • Hydraulic control system testing
    The testing pressure shall be 1.5 times of designing pressure, and the testing time will be 5 minutes.
  • Operation testing
    1) start-up the electrical and hydraulic control system, to operate the gangway ladder and lifting platform to make them rotating or luffing.
    2) it will take not less then 15 min to performing all the operation activities, the gangway shall meet all the requirements enumerating as follows:
    3) both the motor and pump shall be normal, and oil temperature shall not exceed 600C, and no any abnormal noise.
    4) the pressure shall be stable in the hydraulic control system, and there are any leakage, the hydraulic cylinder shall work smoothly.
    5) all rotating portions shall rotate rigidly, smoothly and no any abnormal noise.
    6) all the electrical control system shall work reliably.
    7) all connection components shall be tightened and no any loose.
  • Certification
    We will give FAT report, qualified certificate. The certification of  Other facilities e.g. electrical motor, pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve, electrical components also will be supplied. The heat treatment and material reports of some main components will also be supplied . and the steel structure shall have the RT inspection report.

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